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Scattered in Bay of Jakarta (45 KM from Jakarta Seashore), accessible ranging from 25 minutes to 1,5 hours by speedboat off Marina Jaya Ancol Beach. The Thousand Island (Kepulauan Seribu in Bahasa Indonesia). The thousand island have a lot of variety of unique ecosystem. Thousand Island consist of around 340 islets, including sand bars.

Set in a clean blue sea filled with myriad of tropical fish living among multicolored corrals, the Thousand Island are tremendously tempting places to spend your vacation. Some of them have been developed into holiday resorts for real lovers of sea, sand and sun.

Sepa Island, Pelangi Island, Alam Kotok Island, Bidadari Island are the center of Island tourism. Furnished with ample holiday comforts such as accommodation, pool, restaurant and water sport facilities it is an ideal island tourism for a change from the routines of your life. For underwater world lovers or divers, it's a paradise .