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Beyond Bali, Lombok is a still undiscovered paradise with lush tropical greenery, which will attract every heart with fascination. The island of Lombok is located east of Bali. You is not quite as developed yet as Bali Island and it is that reason which makes Lombok the perfect tourism place in Indonesia.

Lombok Island holiday resort where you may relax and recover your mind and soul. Plenty of glistening-beautiful white sandy beaches are found on almost all of the entire island boundaries. Feel the wind blow slowly to your face. But this is not all that it offers, the smaller islands to the north namely Gili Air Island, Gili Meno Island, Gili Terawangan Island, and to the south-west namely Gili Nanggu Island, Gili Gede Island, Gili Genting Island, Gili Layar Island and many others which only some are inhabited so you can explore the unexplore island with thousand unique flora and fauna. Feel a tropical island holiday featuring sun-sand-sea and really marine beauty. The activities of swimming,banana boat rides, water ski, parasailing, snorkeling and diving would be the best interesting activities. You cann find this complete Sea and Island tourism only in Lombok Island

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