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What can you do & see in Komodo Island


There is a trekking trail of about 30 minutes from the sea shore to the site "Indonesia Jurassic Park", the Komodo lizard or "giant Lizard" (Varanus Komodensis) on it's habitat. If you have a lot of tme you also can visit to the other island nearby such as Rinca Island, Padar Island, Kerora Island, Gili Motong Island and Papagaran Island. The Komodo island group comprises of many big and small island.

Although the Komodo Island in the tropic area, the vegetation at the Komodo Island are only comprises of trees and grass (like the savannah). The forest is not too thick, and the ground is covered by the grass while there are only rare trees to grow. The situation there just like the savannah. Beside the komodo it self, the site also the home of many other animals including wild water buffaloes, deer, bird, eagle and long tailed macaque.


The water of Komodo is very ideal place for many kinds of sea activities. A lot of our visitors enjoy very much the underwater side of Komodo. It's just like the missing paradise for he underwater world lover. It has many excellent dive spots.

In the sea it's vibrant color and exotic life will enchant divers and snorkelers alike as endless schools of fish ride the waterways rushing up from deep sea vents, below them the seabed is covered with a thick carpet of florescent corals and marine invertebrates - an underwater photographers paradise.

The corals in Komodo National park are
forams, cnidaria (includes over 260 species of reef building coral), sponges (70 species), ascidians, marine worms, mollusks, echinoderms, crustaceans, cartilaginous and bony fishes (over 1,000 species), marine reptiles, and marine mammals , pristine, Mantas, sharks, turtles, dolphins, dugong, many pelagic, to the tiny pygmy seahorses, frog fish, you name it we've got it. The sites vary from gentle easy coral slopes to heart pounding adrenalin rides, from the warm waters of the Flores Sea in the north to the chillier waters down south in the Indian Ocean, the underwater terrain is so varied with sheer cliff walls, pinnacles, sandy flat bottoms, underwater plateaus, unique reef, slopes, caves, swim-through, channels, bulk all with varying colors, sizes and types of colorful coral both hard and soft.


If you a researcher or an environmental activist, you can research a lot of object in the Komodo island. Komodo is one interesting object research, it is Jurassic animal that remain until now. beside that you can a lot of object that find out only in the Komodo Island. This research not only for biologist but for almost science such as geography, geology, anthropology, oceanography, etc