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Indonesia only has 2 World Heritage Listed National Parks. One is Ujung Kulon (of which Panaitan Island is a part) and the other is Komodo. Accommodations are currently available on Peucang Island and it is the current and ideal location for the Ranger Station as more than 85% of the National Park of Ujung Kulon is on the mainland of West Java and Peucang is a 5 minute boat ride across the small 100% wave protected channel from the bulk of the park. Speedboats, transfer boats, canoes, and a beautiful sand volleyball court are all there for guest use.


Situated just off the coast of West Java, Panaitan Island hosts 7 excellent surf spots including the legendary One Palm Point and Apocalypse.

Panaitan is rich of wildlife and now you can surf its world class waves in warm, clear blue water away from crowds.

Panaitan is part of Ujung Kulon national park, which is a United Nations World Heritage site. Our boats have the required government permits to take you to these great waves.

There has been controversy in the surfing community about surfing at Panaitan, particularly about a landbased surfcamp on the island. We offer two types of stay: on a boat or on the nearby island of Peucang which is in use by park rangers. Therefore, we leave Panaitan and the park as we found it.

Want to come along and get the wave of your life?

Trips on offer by us are supported by: Ujung Kulon National park, Javan Rhino Eco Tour and the Panaitan Surfing Club

The Surf

* ONE PALM POINT a shallow reef break open relentless barreling left

* ROC ’ N ROLL along hollow winding left that break into the deep water

* NIGHT PALMS a smoking left

* PUSSY CAT an easy left fun workable walls breaking into deep water

* APOCALYPSE that has been compared to Back Door Pipe

* DAVES Place another Left

* And other unnamed Point break / spot on main land Java Ujung Kulon

The Waves

All Panaitan's waves are within one bay so there’s less time cruising between breaks, more time surfing.

- One Palm Point - long hollow left point that spins out freight train barrels over a shallow reef. This wave has been ridden for up to 800 meters (not a misprint) and has been described as the undisputed best and longest barrel in Indo.

- Napalms - perfect barrelly left unloading over an inner-bay reef. Top-to-bottom pit perfection.

- Pussys - easy left with workable walls breaking in deep water.

- Illusions - epic right reef with workable walls and barrel sections.

- Indicators - wally right breaks on smaller swells.

- Apocalypse - top-to-bottom righthand barrel that’s been compared with Backdoor Pipe. Other secrets...