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Dreamland Beach is a beach located on the Bukit peninsula, on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

The beach provides basic accommodation and cafes for surfers and day trippers. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, it is also renowned for its dangerous shorebreak.

It is the site of the failed Pecatu Graha development, planned by Tommy Suharto, the corrupt youngest son of the former president Suharto.

As of 2008 this is an active building site with all the previous Warongs having been levelled for a hotel complex.

Dreamland is on the south side of Bali, about 30 to 40 minutes from Kuta. There are 2 alternative ways to go to Dreamland. You can either go through the Jimbaran Bay area or pass through the Dwipayana University (a well-known public university in Bali); both ways are easy to follow. If you do get lost, ask for directions to Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). It’s a famous cultural park located in Bukit Unggasan, Jimbaran. Here you can find a 75 meter-high and 60-meter wide figure of god Visnu, one of the Trimurti symbols in Hinduism. The status is made by I Nyoman Nuarta, and is now still unfinished. When it is done, it will be taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York!

About 15 minutes from GWK, you will find a big statue of Garuda (the symbol of Indonesia), on the right side of the road. That means you’re just a stone throw’s away from Dreamland Beach. Dreamland Beach is located on a big-deserted property, a failed Pecatu Graha development. You will probably have to pay about Rp 5000 for the entry. When you get to the end of the road, you will be on top of a cliff, with the big blue ocean’s sky in front of you. Look down! That’s Dreamland Beach

You have to walk a little then down a path of stairs to reach the beach.. Once on the sand, you will find rented umbrellas and beach benches facing the beach. You can also order food and drinks from the local traditional caf├ęs available all around the beach. The cafes might seem common and usual, but many of them actually serve European dishes which is out of the ordinary for this setting. Planning to spend the night? Some of the local cafes offer humble accommodations at a reasonable price (ranged between Rp 50,000 to Rp 200,000 per night). In the evening, enjoy the sunset whilst several tourists build a campfire on the beach, or just play a light game of beach ball. As for me, I prefer swimming offshore and enjoy the sunset from there.

There are not many activities to be done here at night. The electricity is turned off after 10 pm and thus candles are lit to chase away the deep darkness of the night. After having dinner, the best thing you can do is to read a book or have a draft of cold beer. Otherwise, you can go upstairs to where most of the rooms are and enjoy the scenery. The moon’s reflection dancing in a flurry of lights on the ocean’s surface is simply breathtaking. During the peak season (July and December), some of the rooms on this floor will be more packed so at least you are not alone and will have company to chat with along with your own group of friends. It is always interesting meeting other travelers and sharing experiences. When you finally feel like sleeping, go back to your room and snuggle under the blanket. The lullaby of tides breaking on the shore is such a peaceful sound to sleep to. Being in Dreamland is like being in a dream you wish you will never wake up from.