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Flores island
lies between Sumbawa Island and Timor islands is an abbreviation of Cabo da Flores which was used by Portuguese sailor in the 17th century to identify the cape on the eastern end of the islands because of its unique underwater gardens. The sea gardens extend a long most of the northern coastline and offshore reefs and they are most profuse near Maumere city where a diving resort and and also Riung resort. Divided by mountain chains and volcanoes, the island populated by ethnic groups with their own traditions and languages.

Mt. Kelimutu, 1.690m fifty years ago, had three lakes, one lake was blue green water, one fiery green and one red. Thirty years later, the colors had changed to blue, red brown and cafe au lait. Now, Ata Bupu Lake is a dramatic dark-brown. Ata Polo are dark red-brown, and only Nuwa Muri remains aquamarine or turquoise as it apparently always was. No one can explain the cause of such color changes except to suppose that different minerals are dissolved in the waters of each lake.

The countryside surrounding the lake, though no longer so "natural" as in the days of early Dutch visitors - some hundred years ago - is still mountainous and dramatic enough with panoramic views all side

Flores Coastline
Riung :
Journeying across Flores island, tantalizing glimpses of the coastline - Riung : Pulau Tujuh Belas (seventeen island) , "nature preservation". Enjoying snorkeling in enormous "aquarium" siesta on white sandy beach of Pulau Rutong, see myrids of bat colony hanging over mangrove trees.

Feel your unforgetable experience from your trip in to a more secluded place, stay at local house, fishing, trekking, climbing mountain, sleep in a tree-huts. Finding ruins of past generation, who lived spreading a long the mountain. This trip suitable for young and middle age. It is really tropical adventure.

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