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Most interest place in alor island

A lot of villages on the Alor islands still follow a traditional lifestyle, depending on their isolation and historical factors. In the Alor Island villages some of the houses, if not all, are three-tiered and thatch covered. To visit these villages takes some time and patience, as transport can be irregular and road conditions bad. However, there are some villages that can be reached easily. They are not far from Kalabahi and still follow the old lifestyle. Villagers are generally very happy to receive visitors.

Most markets outside of Kalabahi still use the traditional bartering system. Visiting a market gives you a good idea of the local life. Markets along the coast attract people from all over the island archipelago, arriving in all sorts of watercraft. Those who wish to visit a local market will have to rise early. Transport to local market
s usually leaves from the main terminals in Kalabahi.

Because of its young volcanic geological nature there are some remarkable things to be seen on Alor. It’s only active volcano, Gunung Sirung (Sirong Mount), probably one of the least explored volcanoes in Indonesia, can be easily reached from Barunusa on Pantar.

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