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Information about Bunaken Island

Climate of Bunaken Island

Bunaken Islandis barely a degree above the equator and thus tropical climate. The winter season brings frequent rains, sometimes in storms lasting for several days, which make the air nice and cool but also reduce visibility. The high season is thus the dry summer season from June to August, when temperatures climb to 35° but visibility reaches a maximum.

Get in Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island is about 45-60 minutes by boat from Manado city. Most resorts will arrange transfers from the airport for their guests/tourist. Alternatively if you want to go to Bunaken Island you can use a public boat leaves daily except Sunday at 2 PM, or you can charter a boat anytime.

Fees or Permits get in Bunaken Island

As of 2006, entry to the park costs either 50,000 rupiahs /day (US$5) or Rp 150,000 rupiahs /year (US$15), usually paid at your lodgings. As proof of payment, you will receive a plastic tag that must be carried at all times; it is waterproof and can be attached to your diving gear.